What do you want to do within PreachingPlace?


  1. Speakers / Street Team
  2. Leadership
  3. Media
  4. Administration

Team Functions


  1. Marketing (Content Management (Publications, Blogs, Newsletters, Social Media)
  2. Support Team (Bible Worker, Spiritual Support)
  3. Speakers (Preaching the Gospel & Provide Motivation to people)
  4. Media Team (Video Editors, Graphic Designers, Animation)
  5. Human Resources (Deal with the Team Issues)
  6. Finance & Legal
  7. Street Team (Street Team Leaders and Street Team operators(Bible Workers)
  8. Project Managers
  9. Administrative
  10. Leadership (Managing Director, Executive Secretary, Treasurer)
  11. Administrative Assistants (Assistant Secretary, Assistant Treasurer, Global Team Manager)
  12. Board