The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Holland 19-27 July 2014)

New Series By PreachingPlace. 

Our first presentation will be in Holland 19.07.14 - 27.07.14


The concept is based on the word extraordinary ... Which means unusual and remarkable ... The word usual simply means uncommon ... Now in the bible the great men were ones who didnt follow suit... They didnt bend tho the masses did... They were uncommon ... Willing to do what was right tho everyone else stayed common... In a world like this we need men/women who are uncommon ... But remarkable .. So we chose 5 extraordinary men in the scriptures whilst ending on the last extraordinary man which is Jesus... Hence the theme the league of extraordinary Gentlemen ... 

We need extraordinary youth... 

Willing to work hard for Jesus... Our youth need to up a level ... 

Hence our mission and aim come in the slogan Gain .. Train... And Maintain  


Sat 19 July 10:00-13:00. @ Hillevliet 139 Rotterdam (Leger des Heils building).

Sun 20 July 19:00-21:00. @ Hillevliet 139 Rotterdam (Leger des Heils building).

Mon 21 juli - Fri 25 July 19:00-21:00. @ van Malsenstreet 104 Rotterdam(Breepleinchurch)

Sat 26 July 10:00-13:00. @ van Malsenstraat 104 Rotterdam (Breepleinchurch)

Sportday: Sun 27 July 12:00-16:00. @ Oldegaarde 251 Rotterdam

(Soccerfederation Spartaan 20)


Here is some extra information next to the info that you need. 

So the youthseminar starts on 19 July till 27 July, there will be a baptism on sabbath 26 July after the last meeting, this will be held outside(summer) at a river in rotterdam.. And at the last day there will be a sportday(football and other kind of sports) the idea behind the sportday is to socialise with the new baptism youths and bring friends and family to be involved.

Please pray for us as we prepare for this series. 







Jesus Our SAVIOUR 

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