Andrew Fuller - The Empire Strikes, Mount Olive SDA Church

Andrew Fuller - Star Wars the Empire Strikes Back,

22 Powerful messages in Ontario Canada

Mount Olive SDA Church, 1030 Albion Road M9V1A7

May 10th - 31st.

Please Pray for him.


22 Powerful Messages:

Saturday AM -The Unprovoked Attack
Saturday PM- The Empire Strikes Back
Sunday- Shooting Stars
Monday- Deep impact
Wednesday- The Deadly Time Bomb
Friday- The Fearful and Afraid
Saturday Pm- The Ultimate Sacrifice
Saturday PM- The Attack on Time
Sunday- The recruitment program
Monday- The Untapped Resource
Wednesday- The missing blueprint
Friday- When Heathens Pray for the Prophet
Saturday AM- The Trojan intrusion
Saturday Pm- The Weapons of War part 1
Sunday- The Weapons of War part 2
Monday- The fight for the Throne part 1
Wednesday- The fight for the Throne part 2
Friday- The Blazing Flame
Saturday AM- The Final Alarm 
Saturday PM- The Return of the Jedi


Promotional Messge:

Our youth don't need more concerts
Our youth are tired of being preached to
Our youth need more than just a fun time
Our youth are sick of Do's and Dont's  

Our Youth Need Jesus!!

...Our youth need Love at Home
Our youth need the Truth undisputed 
and undiluted..
Our youth need to be trained on how to work aggressively for Jesus!!!! 

Quote- Strength to resist evil is best gained by aggressive service.—The Acts of the Apostles, 105. -- {ChS 100.5}

The reason why our youth don't work aggressively for Jesus... Is because we don't love Him aggressively! 

The devil has stolen a march on our homes!!! 

If the homes are dead 
Then the church will be dead,
And if the church is dead it's because the members have no Holy Ghost Power!!!
And without the Holy Ghost we as a movement posses no power in this aggressive warfare!!! 

But now it is time for the Empire the Living God to STRIKE BACK!!!!



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