"I WILL PREACH FOR JESUS" is our monthly outreach effort which involves the singing of gospel songs and the distribution of Christian literature, and preaching short sermons based upon the parables of Christ or the speakers testimony, or simple modern day analogies and stories to bring about ‘divine truths’. We also offer prayer for individuals on the streets. 



PreachingPlace was set up and is led by members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Although we come from diverse backgrounds, our primary focus is to share the love of Jesus "through the teaching and preaching of the everlasting gospel as found in Revelation 14:6-12, via various means and methods of evangelism" to those who do not know Him 'and haven't had an opportunity to hear about Him'. We are a community based initiative providing programs, support and resources to help our local community.



As a youth led movement we realise that our influence is felt far more within those of our generation and age group, therefore we go where they are to reach them, for example we are invited to academic institutions to encourage, teach, and challenge their liberal state of mind. We present the love of God through our life stories and inspire youth to know that only Jesus can make you a better person.



We understand that one of the most effective tools for witnessing is the sharing of personal testimonies, (Revelation. 12:11). We are committed to filming the testimonies of a range of individuals and sharing them online, to uplift, and strengthen the faith of people all over the world.



Do you need a speaker for your event? Do you want to reach your young people with relevant, biblical, Christ centered messages?  Do you want thought provoking messages to challenge the minds of your audience? Contact Us for more details.

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